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Who do you think is benefiting most from Manatee County's Impact Fee Policy?


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  • lib224

    The poll question should have "Low" in front of "Impact Fee Policy." Also, it seems that the developers have organized a group of partisans that are now participating the Bradenton Times polling. Comments are now more telling than the actual polling where the fix is now in.

    Sunday, June 9 Report this

  • N_Alice_Newlon

    You might as well give up on posting polls. It is clear that the forces of big money in Manatee have found a way to load up the responses to make this meaningless because those numbers make no sense at all. Their impact fee policies have benefited the developers by multiple millions every year.

    Sunday, June 9 Report this

  • pattybeenutty

    I guess the citizens have no idea of what is happening in this county and they are paying the developers fees through their taxes.

    Sunday, June 23 Report this