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Video: SOE Candidates Farrington and Satcher Debate at LWRRC


On Thursday, the Lakewood Ranch Republican Club hosted a debate between James Satcher and Scott Farrington, the two candidates for the closed primary that will decide the next Manatee County Supervisor of Elections. Click on the window below to watch the debate. The SOE debate begins approximately 27 minutes into the video.


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  • sandy

    It was hard to understand the word salad coming out of Satcher's mouth that effectively did not answer the questions directly even after being warned. Vote Farrington for SOE! Get experience back in that office.

    Friday, June 21 Report this

  • Dianna

    This is the first time in more than 30 years of voting in Manatee County that I feel that our votes may not count. Farrington thinks that all voters count! Satcher only cares about his own party, but not even every republican, only the ones who have the same ideology. Thanks for the debate video, every voter should watch- there is a clear, educated, qualified candidate to vote for- Farrington!

    Saturday, June 22 Report this

  • Debann


    Sunday, June 23 Report this

  • ruthlawler

    I just viewed this debate video on line. The fact that Satcher blatently is biased against "liberals" is reason enough to have him disqualified for this position. It is about ALL voters, and the fact that the system is broken and only allowing Republicans to vote for our Supervisor of Elections is very problematic. Mr. Farrington was reasonable, clear on his decades of experience and his educational and certification credentials, and was clear that all voters are to be treated fairly and equally. Mr. Satcher did not even directly answer several of the questions. His total lack of experience, ability to communicate and his extreme biases makes him totally unqualified for this office. Ruth Lawler

    Sunday, June 23 Report this

  • WTF

    Who even let this clown/Satcher in for a debate. He is such an embarrassment to our community. Bet his handlers didn't see that one coming. Guess he will be grounded from debates from here on out. He's no more than a Humpty Dumpty on the political food chain. Not all the political consultants could put him back in office. Bye bye snatcher....

    Monday, June 24 Report this

  • rjckeuka4

    Wouldn't it be nice to have an "election denier" responsible for maintaining the integrity of our elections?? I mean all those states up north...Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia...one can't count on their elections. I mean those 60 court cases that never found an election violation...except for a few folks who voted twice for Trump, you just can't trust them. But you can trust me!! The lyin' preacher. It's sad how anyone so inept can get into a commissioner position, let alone such a non-partisan position as Supervisor of Elections! But this is the Free State of Florida. We now announce it at our borders where we don't let any of those crooked immigrants in, so our farmers can't grow crops because there's nobody to pick 'em. It really is a funny farm...isn't it???!!!!

    Thursday, July 11 Report this

  • NikkiforPalmetto

    Holy s*** that was embarrassing for Satcher. So, you're telling me I can have a SOE who has years of experience and by all reports did well at his job, or I can have a SOE with no experience at all and cannot speak intelligently? And the way he said "MY election" when referring to non-republicans wanting to vote in the closed primary is beyond arrogant.

    Friday, July 12 Report this