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News Section: Local Government

Manatee Port Authority Agenda Results: 8/21/2014

Published Friday, August 22, 2014

PALMETTO -- At Thursday's Port Authority meeting, Members approved a container yard camera project, a Feld Entertainment lease agreement, a harbor crane refinancing and line of credit agreement and an oath to work with the other regional ports in concert.  


1.  Audience Introduction


2. Employee Recognition -- 10 years: Kathy Brewer, Tommy McMullen


3. Presentation -- Neil Costentino CEO Tampa Bay World LLC


4.  1014 Port Security Grant Program (PSGP) -- Information Only


5. Consent Agenda -- Approved, Unanimous


6.  Mass Notification System -- Phase One -- Addendum Two -- Approved, Unanimous


7.  Container Yard Camera Project -- Approved, Unanimous


8.  Feld Entertainment Lease Agreement -- Feld will be leasing a portion of the port property to park circus train cars at a designated location for six weeks at a time, rotating each group of cars for 10 six week periods. -- Approved, Unanimous  (Story to follow)


9.  Fiscal Year 2014--15 Operating Budget Resolution -- Approved, Unanimous


10. Harbor Cranes Refinancing & Line of Credit -- Approved, Unanimous


11. Tampa Bay Ports Regional Meeting -- Discussion Only


Authority Members agreed on the four suggestions that would help Port Manatee, Port Tampa and Port of St. Petersburg operate in a more regionalized manner.


1. Commit to not making disparaging remarks in the public

2. Develop a Regional Leadership Structure, including the three Port Directors, Rich Biter, Assistant Secretary FDOT and Doug Wheeler, President of the Florida Ports Council.

3. Develop a joint marketing strategy

4. Reaching out to the other regional ports with referrals in the spirit of unity for state benefit. -- Approved, Unanimous


Both said they agreed with the session, but wanted the location of the session to be held at the port, since it was a port agenda request.


FDOT will be posting minutes of the meeting on their website in the near future --  


Executive Director Comment -- Carlos Buqueras said they are working on a similar strategy that will include an effort for all of the Florida ports to develop a better and more-accommodating rapport.


Buqueras will be hosting a land owners meeting (dealing with the 5,000 acres in proximity of the port) at a date soon to be announced.


Commissioner Comments

-- Bustle brought up a conversation with District One FDOT Secretary, Billy Hattaway on the "Port Connector Road" and the status of it. Bustle wasn't satisfied the project was still on track.


Motion to have a Port work session on strategy to discuss procedures on " Port Connector Road" to be held at the Administration Building in downtown Bradenton. Date to be announced. -- Approved, 5 -- 2, Whitmore and DiSabatino dissenting.

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