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News Section: Local Government

MCRG Endorses Gallen and DiSabatino in County Commission Primaries

Published Tuesday, August 12, 2014 12:05 am

BRADENTON – The Manatee Coalition for Responsible Government has endorsed Robin DiSabatino for District 4 Commissioner and Michael Gallen for District 2. The races are the only two of the three BOCC seats up for reelection in which party primaries will be contested on the August 26 ballot.

The MCRG, who endorsed her opponent Roger Galle in 2010, says it believes DiSabatino has "proven to be an independent and responsible representative on the BOCC." The group added that, "Commissioner DiSabatino has consistently voted to support the citizens' interests versus developers seeking to destroy sensitive environments or established neighborhoods. Robin also seeks to revitalize the county's urban core which has been neglected as the county grows eastward."

The group said that Gallen has likewise proven himself to be an independent voice who will represent average citizens against special interests.

The MCRG membership represents all areas of Manatee county and says it focuses on promoting the election of commissioners who truly represent the citizens of the county and not the special interests who have become increasingly influential in local politics.

The District 4 race will be an open primary in which anyone who is registered to vote in the district can participate, regardless of political party registration, as no Democrat has filed and the winner will be awarded the seat. While no Republican has filed to run in District 2, a write-in candidate has closed off the primary so that only registered Democratic voters in the district will see it on their ballots.

The District 6 at-large seat will be contested in November when incumbent Republican Carol Whitmore is challenged by Democrat Terri Wonder. Neither Candidate has a primary opponent for their party's nomination.

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I agree completely with Michael Pepper. Terri Wonder has stated a commitment to independent thought and has avoided the taint of developer dollars associated with her opponent, Carol Whitmore. In fact, the Whitmore's voting record shows her dependence on those who have so greatly financed her campaign. Although I do not agree with all of their votes, DiSabatino and Gallen have generally acted in the best interest of local citizens.
Posted by Nancy R Dean on August 15, 2014

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