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News Section: Schools and Education

Manatee Schools Improve in State Grade Release

Published Saturday, July 12, 2014 12:01 am

BRADENTON – The Florida Department of Education released School Grades Friday for elementary and middle schools across the state. This is the last year of the FCAT grading model and Manatee County ended it on a high note continuing its remarkable turnaround with the 80% of Manatee District schools receiving an A, B or C grade, compared to 60% in 2013, reflecting a 20% increase.

“I emphasized just yesterday at the Manatee County Tiger Bay Club meeting that our district is on a path to greatness,” said Superintendent Rick Mills. “Today’s release of school grades certainly confirms that statement. I’m very proud of our students, parents, teachers and administrators for all of the great work they’ve done over the past year.”

The school grades released today, reflect the following results for Manatee District schools (high school grades will be released at a later date):

* 17 schools improved one letter grade this year compared to five (5) schools in 2013

* 7 schools improved two letter grades this year compared to one (1) school in 2013

* 15 schools received A grades this year compared to nine (9) schools in 2013


* 7 schools saw their grades drop this year compared to 30 schools in 2013

* 11 schools received a D or F grade compared to 17 in 2013

* 1 school received an incomplete score at this point

The district highlights the following schools that made an amazing two letter grade jump:

* Stewart Elementary to an A from a C in 2013

* Tara Elementary to an A from a C in 2013

* Moody Elementary to a B from a D in 2013

* Oneco Elementary to a B from a D in 2013

* Daughtrey Elementary to C from an F in 2013

* Lincoln Middle School to a C from an F in 2013

* Manatee Charter to a C from an F in 2013

“We are very proud of our students, parents, teachers and administrators for their hard work and staying the course to success this year,” said Deputy Superintendent of Instruction Dr. Diana Greene. “Our goal was for all of our schools to receive grades of A-C. We were shooting for the moon, but we landed amongst the stars with 80% of our schools meeting that goal.”

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