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News Section: Politics

Tim Norwood Running for County Commission on Jobs, Crime and Budgets

Published Monday, July 7, 2014 12:06 am
Tim and Janice Norwood

BRADENTON -- Manufacturing engineer and self-proclaimed Tea Party Republican Tim Norwood is running for the district 4 seat on the Manatee County Commission. The candidate is campaigning on a platform of budget cuts, jobs and crime reduction.


Norwood, who ran against district 4 incumbent Robin DiSabatino in the 2010 Republican Primary before she was elected to a freshman term, gained 30 percent of the vote in the three-candidate race. He announced a new campaign for the position in May of last year.


He has raised $12,525 in monetary contributions ($11,475 of which was loans from the candidate to his account) and received $3,239 in kind contributions as of the most recent filing date. The two will square off for a second time in the August primary. 


Norwood has said that his opponent has lacked leadership and that he can help bring manufacturing jobs, and work with the Sheriff's office to lower the crime rate in his district. He supports a 10 percent budget cut across the board, with the exception of "essential services" such as law enforcement.


The candidate has also advocated for using impact fee rebates for builders that hire locally and persuading manufacturers to move their businesses to Manatee. He is also opposed to raising taxes. More detailed information on the candidate's plans for said issues were not retrieved, as calls for comment were not returned as of the time of this article's publication.


A graduate of Texas Tech, Norwood has a Bachelor's degree in Architecture. He is married to Janice Norwood, with whom he has done work for the Red Cross. Norwood and DiSabatino square off in a two-candidate open-primary this August.

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Mr. Norwood may be a fine, upstanding man; however, our commission is already overloaded with ultra-conservative members. It desparately needs balance and someone who honors, our future water needs (drinking, commercial and recreational) as well as, the natural places in our county and quality of life for voters. If these issues matter to you, Disabatini is a better bet.
Posted by Nancy R Dean on July 11, 2014

Tim Norwood

Conservative Republican
for County Commission District 4

Contact Information: Online:
1805 Marilyn Ave.
Bradenton, FL 34207;
Posted by Tim Norwood on July 10, 2014

For some reason the posting system placed a question mark in place of each apostrophe so please read with that understanding.
Posted by Tim Norwood on July 10, 2014

Happily Married Christian Family with 2 kids and 3 Grandchildren. I learned the value of a dollar and hard work at a very early age. I worked construction 8 years to pay my way through Texas Tech University earning my Bachelor of Architecture degree: Texas Tech University, 1988 (Curriculum is a fully accredited 5 year Architecture program, with extensive project management, design, environmental, engineering & city planning. Published Thesis required. I?m an accomplished Engineer, in the fields of marine, heavy truck & automotive supply chain manufacturing, Project planning, development, management and business planning.
Posted by Tim Norwood on July 10, 2014

I have a strong understanding of urban planning and communications. I love team sports, and I will fight for the right fight when necessary. I will serve the people of District 4, ?not Cronies?. I?m running with money we saved for the sole purpose of proving there are good clean candidates willing to serve. As a proven Leader, I will bring all parties to the table and drive this bus toward Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, New Jobs, Limited regulations, Fiscal Responsibility, Balanced Budgets and Conservative results.
There are no issues I won?t take on. Throughout my Engineering career, I?ve identified problems, created solutions and produced results, within budgets and on-time. I have managed endless project teams to successful completions, and always evaluate the successes of the original plan to determine future process improvements. I?m an Engineer not a usual politician. I won?t take credit for other peoples work, nor will I simply ?listen? without results. My office will be our war room serving the people of district 4. Our District has a Leadership problem and that stops ?right here right now?. You will never hear me state that my people won?t do their jobs. I have a history of rolling up my sleeves and joining in on the heavy lifting within any project. I?ve found that sharing the credit and giving praise while holding a good plan to strict schedules, is the best path to success.
Posted by Tim Norwood on July 10, 2014

District 4 has major traffic congestions that are only going to get worse if left un-checked. We have new developments requiring new, or improved infrastructures. We can expect increased population to impose serious environmental issues on both bay, water and land. We have a Crime problem growing within our central core involving drug sales, usage, theft, gang violence, prostitution, pill mills and homelessness. We have businesses that are still closed up and empty, while there is a large percentage of unemployed in our district. We have landlords unwilling to clean up their properties and whole neighborhoods that are unsafe and dark after sundown. One closed facility so contaminated with cancer causing contaminates, adjacent neighborhoods are virtually un-sellable. We have businesses begging for fresh new ideas & commerce help. We lose to Lakewood Ranch and other districts for new investments without real solutions driven representation focused on serving our district first. We have no family sports facilities for soccer, football, or baseball. We have broken, damaged and non-existent sidewalks. We have neighborhoods who have been terrorized by gunshots falling through their roofs on a regular basis and others with abandoned houses. We have eroded Drainage dangerously close to homes & officials more worried about liability than solutions. We have unemployed still unable to find work. We have no incentives to combat the recidivism of felons, who, without jobs, become our worst fear, repeat offenders.
These are a few major issues existing in our community. I live right in the heart of it I know they exist. I?m statesman, attacking problems with solutions & willing to go to battle for my District 4. I love God! I love my Wife! I love this Country! I?m ready to serve! Please elect me Tim Norwood for County Commissioner D4.
Posted by Tim Norwood on July 10, 2014

Local community organizations I serve? Hope Kids, SOLVE Maternity Homes, Lottie Moon Missionaries, Sarasota Baptist Church, Sarasota Christmas, Sarasota Easter, Share Jesus Without Fear, WOUNDED WARRIORS Project, SPECIAL OLYMPICS, ASPCA, National Cancer Research, Serving God and caring for Homeless, Haitian Christian Missions, Fish & Game Society
Posted by Tim Norwood on July 10, 2014

I was raised in the Traditions and Values of a proud military family, as my father was Korean War F-86 fighter pilot and I was born on Chante Air Force Base. I believe that we do not do enough for our fighting men and women as it is now and would like to see more. One way I can see is by extending the 100% rule in the Advalem Tax break I listed below to reach all the way down based upon the percentage amount for each of our disabled hero's. No I will not take tax benefits away from those brave men and women who have served our great country. Thank you so much and God Bless yo all for your sacrifice and your service!!! Very Sincerely,
Tim Norwood

If you are 100% totally and permanently disabled or
quadriplegic, you may be exempt from paying ad valorem
(property) taxes on your residence {F.S. 196.101(1)}. For
information and the required forms, contact the Manatee
County Property Appraiser at 941.748.8208.
Posted by Tim Norwood on July 10, 2014

I would like to know where Mr. Norwood stands on not cuttint funds for the handicapped transportation or "[aratransit", no Kill shelter, and veterans keeping their tax exemptions? These things are important to many of us. We know the county needs more $$ especially the sheriff's office. I do not live in Diost. 4: however, I have friends who do, and would urge them to vote.
Posted by Marice Sardo on July 7, 2014

I would like to know where Mr. Norwood stands on not cuttint funds for the handicapped transportation or "[aratransit", no Kill shelter, and veterans keeping their tax exemptions? These things are important to many of us. We know the county needs more $$ especially the sheriff's office. I do not live in Diost. 4: however, I have friends who do, and would urge them to vote.
Posted by Marice Sardo on July 7, 2014

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