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County Puts Future Power in FPL's Hands

Published Friday, May 23, 2014 12:05 am

BRADENTON -- At Tuesday's BOCC meeting, Commissioners approved a Investment Grade Energy Audit and A Performance Contracting Services Agreement that guarantees to pay for the equipment and services from electricity saved from using those services and equipment. The largest component of the Florida Power and Light Services (FPL Services, LLC) project is a central chiller plant, which will be located in downtown Bradenton.


Months ago, FPL Services came to Manatee County and demonstrated how they could help the county save millions of dollars replacing their old and frail air conditioning equipment in for new. FPL Services provides the audit, equipment and monitors performance to stay on the targeted goal of cutting air conditioning energy cost.

Many of the buildings owned and operated by the county are using equipment and technology far beyond its expiration date. Operational maintenance has suffered, and county officials are facing a near equal cost to replace portions of their wearing equipment as they will spend on the complete FPL project.


The total cost for the FPL Services project will cost $12.5 million. A little over $6 million will be raised through a resolution bond, and a the actual amount the county will have to secure is $6,482,360.00, which is projected savings.


A major key to accomplishing the savings that will pay for the cost of the project will come from the Energy Performance Agreement or (ESCO), guaranteeing the specific amount of savings will be achieved.


FPL representatives said on their last visit, that this equipment is not to be confused with "Green" technology, although the energy savings does take some of the load off the grid and a reduced water supply for equipment operations.


The new equipment has fewer moving parts and a simpler design, saving dollars on projected future maintenance cost. The cost savings is projected to be $6.4 million over a 21-year period.


The county says there will also be room to expand the numbers of buildings the central chiller plant can handle, lowering the overall cost per building.

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