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News Section: Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight: Big Brothers Big Sisters In Pursuit of “100 Men in 100 Days”

Published Sunday, February 2, 2014 .jpg

VENICE – On November 1, 2013 a call to action encouraging men to sign up and become a big brother has been overwhelming received in the community. The campaign has resulted in 90 men from around the 10 counties (served by the organization) becoming a Big Brother. We are not stopping here, as there are still more than 200 boys on the waiting list who are hoping to have a Big Brother soon.


This campaign resulted in several partnerships one in particular is Enterprise Rent-A-Car and its employees. When asked the question, “Why did you want to sign up to become a Big Brother,” this is the response given by a few of the employees.


“Big Brothers Big Sisters is a fantastic organization that makes a huge difference in our communities. I have seen the impact first hand as a few of my family members have benefited from the mentorship from a 'big' when they were kids. When Big Brothers Big Sisters launched the 100 Men in 100 days, I knew Enterprise would be a perfect fit as our employees are always eager to give back and help people in our communities. I am looking forward to seeing the impact this campaign has on the children in Southwest Florida.”


--Tyler Hawkins, Group Rental Manager, Enterprise Rent-A-Car


“I believe I was blessed to have the opportunity to grow up in a family where I had several supportive siblings and two loving parents. I think being a 'big' is a great opportunity for me to make a positive impact on a young person’s life that may not have that same advantage. I also believe these relationships produce personal growth for the 'big' as well as the 'little'. There really is nothing to lose and so much to gain.”


--Michael Zeller, Area Manager, Enterprise Rent-A-Car


“I have joined the Big Brother Big Sisters organization because I wanted to become part of a group that has influenced and changed the lives of tons of children for the better. After sitting down with a few of the group's members and hearing the stories of how 'bigs" have helped their 'littles', I knew that this organization was for me. Having always been someone that has tried to assist others, Big Brother Big Sister represents all of the values I hold most dear. I am so excited to be able to one day tell my stories of how I changed the life of a child for the better thanks to Big Brother Big Sister.”


-- Ronald Sonsini, Branch Rental Manager, Enterprise Rent-A-Car


While Big Brothers Big Sisters accepts volunteers from all walks of life, there is a greater need for male mentors. Currently, 52% of the youth we serve in our program are boys and 39% of the volunteers are men. Now more than ever, Big Brothers Big Sisters needs men to become positive role models.


We are calling all men to action! Here is what you need to do: call our toll free number, (855) 501-BIGS, meet your Little Brother and have fun! You may also please contact Gina Taylor @ 941-488-4009,

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