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News Section: Local Government

BOCC Considers Help from Registrar on Abandoned Properties

Published Wednesday, March 6, 2013 12:00 pm

BRADENTON -- With the recession came foreclosures on homes and businesses alike, and in its wake, vacant and abandoned properties. Inner city blight is the fastest growing part of many municipalities, and the evidence is all around us. Banks pick and choose which parking lots and buildings lie abandoned and out of compliance with ordinances designed to keep property values from plummeting. is a federal property registrar designed to turn the tide on this costly neglect. 


Neil Young once sang that "Rust never sleeps." Well neither do broken shutters, overgrown parking lots and fallen signs. They keep eating away at the property value and promise that once was. These neglected dreams of the past are like a loose spoke on a wheel. If left unattended, the next ones to go are those on either side.


When VacantRegistry's "Strategic Planning Executive," Thomas Darnell attended Tuesday's BOCC Workshop to introduce county officials to what can be done about abandon properties, he explained that a big problem is simple math.


 "What keeps some foreclosed property owners from keeping up with the maintenance is the cost exceeds the value of the property," he said.


Darnell says VacantRegistry expedites the process by keeping all stakeholders connected to one another and away from the limbo so many fall into.


County governments don't always have the time and resources to prevent properties from falling into a state of dispair. Federal Property Registration Corp. (FPRC) companies, like Vacant Registry, promote stronger communication between lenders, neighborhood associations, local governments and fire/law enforcement officials.


Sometimes vacant and abandon properties sit for years, FPRCs attempt to dispatch options to all stakeholders before blight matures to chronic slums.


Commissioner Robin DiSabatino who spent years in the real estate industry said, "This sound like a win-win situation."


The Manatee County Commission will soon be taking up the issue as to whether FPRCs are the answer for the increasing amount of blighted properties surrounding many areas of the county. 

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when government finds out the Money well has dried up and awakens to the main reason this has transpired is the lack of common since in politicians who only know to strangle business with regulations out the rear with no thought that the well has a point where it dries up, and the old tax and ad fees only suck any life left in the well out leaving no chance for people or private small business to survive, when will common since come to play in a politician puts his for sale sign on as soon as his campaign starts where all they know is corporate welfare and supporting the highest corruption they can find, Government can't be the only one to blame the fact that every one wants code enforcement on their neighbor to try and force every one to live like the jones, this is what is well down the road of no return, we support a ever growing government hell bent on creating agency after agency to run the cost of being in business higher and higher, and bleeding the working people and the business man till all possible blood has been drained then they will take anything left by other fees and taxes what will have a fee tomorrow dieing breathing taking a dump what is left????????
Posted by frank kirkland on March 6, 2013

Sounds like a solution to a growing problem...only someone needs to attempt to use that registry to see what happens....good job, John.
Posted by Norma Killebrew on March 6, 2013

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