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News Section: Local Government

Mosaic Mining Gets Operational Permit For Amended Master Plan

Published Wednesday, February 27, 2013 12:02 am

BRADENTON -- Mosaic can never be accused of wasting time in getting things done with the Manatee BOCC. Tuesday was the mining company's third time in front of the board in just two weeks  looking for an approval and once again, they got it. The company amended the master mining plan for their mine in northeast Manatee, which had been approved in June of last year. The board voted 5-1 to give the phosphate giant a 5-year permit for the operation.



There wasn't a room full of people like there was last June, and there wasn't a line of opposition there either; just a few bystanders and Mosaic's frontline team. The presentation lasted 10 minutes, and questions from the commission lasted even less. As expected, there were no surprises.


Commissioner Robin DiSabatino, who has voted twice to deny Mosaic a permit for their Wingate Creek Extension Mine, got up and left the chambers before Mosaic's approval proceedings started. DiSabatino said she was tired of being lectured to. "This is gonna stop," said the clearly frustrated commissioner. "We have a mitigation policy that we don't follow, arbitrarily enforcing our policies for some applicants and not for others. There was no question what was going to happen in there, and I couldn't stand by and listen to the same old story again. It makes me sick." 


Right before the proceedings, assistant county attorney Bill Clague told the commission that they couldn't refuse Mosaic's application, as long as the phosphate mining company met the standards set by the county, adding, "staff approved it and any objection would shift the burden of proof, leaving the county open for a lawsuit."


It didn't take a threat to convince five of the other commissioners to approve the applicant's request in the usual abbreviated fashion. Commissioner Michael Gallen was the dissent vote in the 5 to 1 approval, with DiSabatino absent.



Mosaic's Rubber Stamp Still has Plenty of Ink

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Hugh McGuire IS the "connection" for the GOOD OL' BOYS who are the powerful elected officials of Manatee Co. who have successfully lined their own coffers with county taxpayers money for too long. Hunzeker/Bustle/Chappie/Whitmore have circumvented the State Retirement Program by voting to: "Keep Hunzeker because he is SUCH A VALUABLE ASSET TO OUR COUNTY". Robin Disabatino & Michael Gallen voted "NO" to extending Hunzeker's contract. McGuire is just one "connection" that seems to allow Bustle, Chappie & Whitmore to swing the county commissioners VOTE in their favor allowing them carte blanche on how ALL COUNTY MONEY IS SPENT. THIS THINLY VEILED FACADE REALLY NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED TO THE LIGHT OF "SUNSHINE". If Disabatino is forced to defend herself in court for her "SUSPECTED" Sunshine Violation, the Governor will have to chose a "replacement" for her on the Board Of Commissioners, as it would be a conflict of interest for her to be suing the county while remaining on the Board of Commissioners. INTERESTING TIMING (?) SINCE DISABATINO QUESTIONED THE LOGIC OF MANATEE COUNTY GIVING UP OUR MAJORITY OF CONTROL OF OUR WATER DISTRICT TO SARASOTA COUNTY. A MAJORITY OF OUR POWERFUL ELECTED COUNTY OFFICIALS SEEM TO BE MOTIVATED TO SUPPORT THE DEMISE OF DISABATINO BECAUSE SHE HAS DARED TO STAND VIGILANT FOR THE TAXPAYERS OF THIS COUNTY. THIS COUNTY DESPERATELY NEEDS TO STOP THE POLITICAL CORRUPTION THAT HAS THRIVED IN MANATEE COUNTY FOR TOO LONG. WE NEED TO GET RID OF HUNZEKER, NOT GIVE HIM A NEW CONTRACT & A RAISE, WHILE OTHER COUNTY EMPLOYEES GET LAID OFF & NO RAISES. CITIZENS NEED TO SHOW UP AT COMMISSION MEETINGS & START ASKING HARD QUESTIONS OF OFFICIALS HUNZEKER/BUSTLE/WHITMORE CHAPPIE: WHO TURNED OVER ORIGINAL COUNTY DOCUMENTS TO BARFIELD (without making copies) for this frivolous lawsuit? I HOPE DISABATINO GETS AN ATTORNEY WHO WILL EXPOSE THE PERPETRATORS & HOLD EACH & EVERY ONE PERSONALLY ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR CRIMES ... STARTING WITH MOSAIC & THE TOXIC BALL FIELD SOLD TO THE BOYS & GIRLS CLUB.
Posted by on March 1, 2013

Mosaic has everyone in Manatee Government from Commissioners, staff and Administrator in their pocket except Robin DiSabitano and Michael Gallen.
Mosaic will do anything to get rid on the two and I think they are behind the public records lawsuit against DiSabitano.
The Plaintiff, Michael Barfield, Sarasota Para Legal in the law firm that filed the suit, has no connection with Manatee County and was not at the MPO meeting where Commissioner DiSabitano asked staff if the MPO members voted on lighting and sidewalks near the Tradewinds Mobile Home Park in her district. This is a perfectly legitimate question in representing her district.
According to the lawsuit Barfield asked DiSabitano on October 24th 2012 for emails containing the words 'sidewalk?', 'lighting' and 'Tradewinds'. It does not take a Philadelphia lawyer to figure out that some one in the County Government conveyed that information directly or indirectly to Barfield. How else would he become privy to the specific words to put into the public records demand and lawsuit? Barfield himself is quoted as saying it ?came to his attention?.
The question is who in county government is responsible and is causing the county t spend our tax dollars in defending this spurious lawsuit?
Since County Administrator Ed Hunzeker and Mosaic share the same attorney, Hugh McGuire, is that the connection?
One other interesting fact to consider is that the lawsuit was filed on Feb. 7th 2013 but not made public until Feb. 27th in the Bradenton Herald. However, shortly after it was filed, Hugh McGuire told one of the county staff attorneys it had been filed. How did Mr. McGuire, Mosaic's attorney know of the lawsuit before the County Attorney's office and DiSabitano knew.
I think a grand jury should be looking into this corruption. Are these public records lawsuits a shield to attack elected officials? Check the records I think this is the same law firm that filed an email public records lawsuit against Ed Brodsky and when he was running for State Attorney last year. The taxpayers had to pay for the defense of that lawsuit also.
Some one needs to put a stop to this abuse of the public records lawsuits.

Nell Satterfield
Posted by Nell Satterfield on February 28, 2013

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