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News Section: Local Government

Manatee County Commission Agenda Results: 12/11/2012

Published Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BRADENTON -- At Tuesday's BOCC meeting, Commissioners voted to approve the purchase of a Transit Station on Tallevast Road and U.S. 301 for $4,520,000 under the protest of some residents. In other business, county commissioners voted to present changes they wish to make in the FDOT five-year plan to the MPO when they meet on December 17. The commission, and a packed room, celebrated with a proclamation to "Nicki Bentley" (Supervisor of Animal Services), Employee of the Year. December 11, 2012 will officially be Nicki Bentley Day.



MEETING CALLED TO ORDER (John R. Chappie, Chairman)

INVOCATION (The commission does not endorse the religious beliefs of any speaker.)

The commission does not endorse the religious beliefs of any speaker.


1. Invocation led by Pastor Phillip Hamm, First Baptist Church of Palmetto





2. 3:30 p.m. Item 40: Purchase of Transit site on Tallevast Road



CHANGES TO AGENDA (County Administrator and County Attorney)

3. Updates to Agenda




Awards and Presentations


4. 2012 Employee of the Year and Proclamation Designating "Nicki Bentley Day"

Attachment: Bentley_July12EOM.pdf

Attachment: Bentley EOM.pdf

Attachment: proc_eoy2012.pdf


5. Presentation of United Way Plaque


Proclamations (Motion required to adopt proclamations) -- Approved, Unanimous 


6. Betty Glassburn Day - December 11, 2012

Attachment: proc_Betty L Glassburn Day.pdf


7. Essick "Moody" Johnson Day - December 15, 2012

Attachment: proc_moody johnson.pdf



REQUEST BY COMMISSIONERS (Items to be pulled from Consent Agenda)

CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consent Agenda Items Only)


Clerk of Circuit Court


8. Clerks Consent Agenda

Attachment: 121112.pdf




9. Sheriff's Service of Process contract for Clerk of Circuit Court Child Support Enforcement Program

Attachment: Amendment into 2014 Memo.pdf

Attachment: MSO contract for service of process 2012 Amendment.pdf

Attachment: Contract 20051011.pdf




10. Eminent Domain: 17th Street West (Memphis Road), Palmetto – Phase II (U.S. 41 to Business 41), Parcels 105 and 705 (Janus Properties, LLC); Approval of Settlement

Attachment: StipFinalOrd_Fees&Costs_SuppAttyFees&Costs_105&705_Executed.pdf

Attachment: B-13-018.pdf

Attachment: Aerial Map_Parent Tract.pdf


11. Christine Bovitt v. Manatee County,OJCC #93-009625, Date of accident: 6/2/1995

Attachment: C. Bovitt Stipulation.pdf

Attachment: C. Bovitt HIPAA.pdf

Attachment: C. Bovitt MSA.pdf

Attachment: C. Bovitt General Release.pdf


Building and Development Services


12. FINAL PLAT - Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch Subphase SS aka Highlands

Attachment: DOC006.pdf

Attachment: DOC035.pdf


13. Heritage Development of Central Florida, Case Nos. CE2008120003 and CE2008120005

Attachment: BOCC Attachments 12-11-12 Heritage.pdf


14. Dennis D. and Teresa W. Visintainer Case No. CE2011010477

Attachment: BOCC Attachments 12-11-12 Visintainer.pdf


Community Services


15. FY2014 Children's Services Annual Plan

Attachment: CS Annual Plan DRAFT.pdf


16. Children's Services Funding - Non Profit Agreement

Attachment: SA-FamilyShelter.pdf


17. Meals on Wheels Plus FY2012-2013 Funding Agreement

Attachment: MOW ADC Facility Repairs.pdf

Attachment: B13-024.pdf


18. Public Safety Coordinating Council

Attachment: Resolution No. R-12-212.pdf


19. Amendment #1 to the 2012 Master Agreement for the Community Care for the Elderly, Home Care for the Elderly, Alzheimer's Disease Initiative and Medicaid Waiver grant programs

Attachment: amnd1masteragreement2012.pdf


Financial Management


20. Budget Amendment Resolution

Attachment: B-13-020 Resolution_Narrative.pdf



Attachment: Budget Amendment Docs..pdf

Attachment: GMP Summary SCS 11-26-12.pdf

Attachment: Bond liberty mutual letter of intent dated 11 15 2012.pdf

Attachment: GMP Addendum 11-28-12.pdf

Attachment: Department Memo of 11-27-12.pdf


22. Invitation For Bid (IFB#12-2846BS) Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

Attachment: IFB 12-2846BS Water Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Tab .pdf

Attachment: IFB 12-2846BS Chemical Bid Dept Recommendation.pdf


Natural Resources


23. Perico Preserve - SWFWMD Second Amendment

Attachment: Resolution_B13-023.pdf

Attachment: agenda_Perico-SWFWMD_Amend_2.pdf


Neighborhood Services


24. Amendment to Land Use Restriction Agreement for Learn to Fish, Inc.

Attachment: Learn to Fish - AMENDMENT ONE TO LURA - Dec 11 2012.pdf


Property Management


25. Taylor Nursery Acquisition

Attachment: swd 111612.pdf

Attachment: affidav111612.pdf

Attachment: Map.pdf


26. FPL Corrective Subordination Agreement required for the Wares Creek Stormwater Improvement Project

Attachment: Wares Creek FPL Corrective Subordination Agreement1.pdf


27. Resolution R-12-257, Presuit Negotiations, 44th Avenue East (30th-45th Street East) Road Right of Way Improvement Project

Attachment: PRESUIT RESOLUTION 20% 12112012.pdf

Attachment: 44th Ave E 30th-45th St Loc Map.pdf


28. Conveyance of County-Owned Property to Palmetto Youth Center

Attachment: resolution R-12-120.pdf

Attachment: PYC.deed.pdf

Attachment: BishopC_PalmettoYouthCenterConveyance_SUPP_RESPONSE_12-240.pdf

Attachment: HunzekerE_Conveyance of County-Owned Property.pdf

Attachment: Location Map.pdf


29. Gardenwood Apartments Master Meter

Attachment: GardenwoodUE.pdf

Attachment: GardenwoodAOE.pdf

Attachment: GardenwoodbankJC.pdf

Attachment: GardenwoodattyJC.pdf


30. Resolution 12-260, Golf Cart Outlet, 19th Street East (old U.S. Highway 301) vacation request declaring a public hearing. * Wade

Attachment: r12 260 golf phmeet.pdf

Attachment: rls approveal.pdf

Attachment: gol.pdf

Attachment: GolfCartOutlet US301-18th St E RW Vac Loc Map.pdf




31. City of Bradenton Potable Water Agreement

Attachment: City of Bradenton Potable Water Agreement.pdf



APPROVE CONSENT AGENDA-- Approved, Unanimous



CITIZEN COMMENTS (Consideration for Future Agenda)




CIVIC CENTER AUTHORITY (Michael Gallen, Chairman)


Consent Agenda (32 &33) -- Approved, Unanimous


32. Civic Center Authority Minutes for Approval


33. License Agreement 32-134 with the Service Club of Manatee County





Consent Agenda (34 & 35) -- Approved, Unanimous


34. CRA Minutes for Approval


35. Approval of Records Management Compliance Statement for FY 2011-12

Attachment: RecordsMgmtCompliance-CRA-2011-12.pdf



PORT AUTHORITY (Larry Bustle, Chairman) -- No Items


D. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentations Upon Request)


Neighborhood Services


36. Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Annual Action Plan Substantial Amendment

Attachment: Resolution 12-245 Amend 2011-12 and 2012-13 Action Plans - HOME and CDBG funding.pdf

Attachment: Bradenton Herald AD - SA - Nov 9 2012.pdf

Attachment: Resolution B-13-021 CDBG FY2012 Subtancial Amendment.pdf-- Approved, Unanimous


37. Draft 2011-2012 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) Public Hearing

Attachment: 2011-2012 Draft CAPER Part 1 - BOCC.pdf

Attachment: 2011-2012 Final CAPER Part 2.pdf

Attachment: Proof of Publication.pdf-- Approved, Unanimous


Public Works


38. Uniform Method

Attachment: Resolution R-12-220.pdf

Attachment: Proof of Pub.pdf-- Approved Unanimous



E. ADVERTISED PUBLIC HEARINGS (Presentation Scheduled)




39. Confirm appointment of Information Technology Department Director

Attachment: Paul Alexander Resume.pdf

Challenging and rewarding as we put the strategic road map in place.  --Approved Unanimous

Property Management (3:30 p.m. TIME CERTAIN)


40. Purchase of Transit site on Tallevast Road.

Attachment: CONTRACT.pdf

Attachment: Resolution B-13-022.pdf

Attachment: LOCATION MAP.pdf-- The county put forth a proposal to purchase 37.71 acres site on Tallevast Road, for The Manatee County Area Transit (MCAT) costing $4,520,000, from The Form LLC. Previously a contaminated site owned by Lockheed Martin, local residents attended to protested the sale. -- Approved, Unanimous  (Story to follow) 


Public Works


41. FDOT District 1 Tentative Work Program Report FY 2014-2018

Attachment: 2014-Tentative Work-13.pdf

Attachment: Manatee_Cap_T-13-14.pdf

Attachment: Manatee_Ops_T-13-14.pdf

Attachment: Manatee County.pdf

Attachment: 2012_major_projects_amended_09_24_12.pdf-- The Tentative Work Program is a 5-year listing of all transportation projects planned for each fiscal year developed by the Florida Department Of Transportation (FDOT). Every year FDOT presents the work program to the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to be approved. Manatee County has three commissioner members in the 15 member MPO board. On December 17, 2012, Manatee County Commissioners will present their proposals to the MPO Board. Motion to deliver proposal to MPO -- Approved, Unanimous  (story to follow)    



Natural Resources



Attachment: RESTORE Act_flyer_application_2012.pdf

Attachment: Understanding the Restore Act.pdf-- No action




43. Full Agenda - pdf format

Attachment: 121211a_docs.pdf

Attachment: 121211b_docs.pdf






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