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News Section: Law Enforcement

MCSO December Deputy and Employee of the Month

Published Monday, December 3, 2012

BRADENTON – Michael Janotti from Child Protective Services responded to a CPS call-out by Bradenton Police. While assisting on the scene Janotti spotted a loaded handgun on the floor next to a bed where a suspect was laying, helping to eliminate the potential for a dangerous conflict. MCSO Dive Team member, Deputy Lou Gregory, who is also a former Navy diver, was able to help a fellow member who was injured on the call, requiring immediate first-aid which Gregory administered. They are the MCSO employee and deputy of the month for December.

On October 24, 2012, Michael Janotti responded to a CPS call-out by Bradenton Police. When he arrived on scene, the alleged suspect was outside speaking with the officers while he went inside to interview the mother of the four-year-old victim. While conducting his interview, the suspect had asked if he could go back inside the house to lie down in his bed and Michael advised him he needed to wait outside.

After sometime, the suspect made his way back into the house and informed everyone he was not feeling well and needed to lie down. When EMS arrived on scene for the suspect, Michael observed a loaded handgun on the floor beside the bed where the suspect was laying. He immediately alerted the officers who took possession of the weapon.

Michael is commended for his professional response to alert officers of potential safety concerns, and his efforts to remove the child from a serious situation. For his actions Michael Janotti is awarded Employee of the Month for December 2012. Congratulations!

On November 15, 2012, Deputy Lou Gregory responded to a dive call-out as part of the MCSO Dive Team. During this dive operation; another deputy was severely injured by cutting himself on an oyster bed. Deputy Gregory immediately took action and rendered first-aid, dressed the injury and applied a pressure dressing to the gaping wound prior to EMS arriving. His years of experience as Navy diver and his extensive diving training clearly made the difference in the care and treatment of the wounded deputy.

His initiative, perseverance and quick action provided peace of mind to this dangerous situation. For his rapid and vital response, Deputy Lou Gregory is awarded Deputy of the Month for December 2012. TBT salutes Mr. Janotti and Dept. Gregory for their service to the community.

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