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News Section: Local Government

Palmetto City Commission Agenda Results: 11/19/2012

Published Tuesday, November 20, 2012

PALMETTO -- At Monday's meeting, one new and two sitting commissioners were sworn in for their new term. Both Commissioner Tamara Cornwell and Commissioner Charles Smith were voted to return to the commission, and Commissioner Jonathan Davis was sworn in after winning Commissioner Alan Zirkelbach's at-large seat, after Zirkelbach chose not to seek reelection to the commission.


Mayor Bryant was absent from the meeting due to illness and her inaugural address was postponed.




Action Request: Motion to approve the November 19, 2012 Agenda. -- Approved, Unanimous



2.  CONSENT AGENDA APPROVAL --   ( remove 2-4 for comment and 1 for more info.)

A.  City Clerk’s Office:

1.  Special Function Permits: Palmetto B&B Weddings for December 2012 through June 2013

Palmetto B&B Fundraiser for Pace Center for Girls May 10, 2013

De Soto Heritage Festival Children’s Parade March 29, 2013

De Soto Heritage Festival Grand Parade April 27, 2013

Slicks Garage First Fridays December 7, 2012 and January 4, 2013 -- Approved, Unanimous (to February 4, instead of January 4)

Vintage Wheels Car and Truck Show February 3, 2013

2.  Company Care Agreement Renewal 

3.  Postage Meter Lease Acceptance

4.  Grant Administration Contract Work -- Approved, Unanimous (2-4)


B.  Police Department

1.  Florida Power and Light Outdoor Security Light Agreement 

2.  Creation of an additional 5th corporal position --  Approved, Unanimous (1&2)  




Action Request: Motion to approve the November 19, 2012 Consent Agenda. -- Approved, Unanimous




First Baptist Church of Palmetto is requesting a 3 year extension of the site plan approval of 2 portable buildings on property owned by the church located at the SE corner of 6th Street West and 11th Avenue West.


Action Request: Motion to approve the site plan amendment with conditions as recommended by the Planning and Zoning Board. -- Approved, Unanimous  (Stipulation limit to 24 months, not 36).




Application by Pacific Tomato Growers, Ltd., located at 1000-1042 and 1001-1031 1st Ave Ct. West.

38 duplexes --  2407 was adopted in August.  (CG Zoning) non conforming use. Required to supply a site plan. Staff recommended approval.

Open the public hearing.


Allan Garret -- land planner for pacific growers -- said they met all demands. 


Close the public hearing after public comment.



Action Request: Based upon the staff report and the evidence presented and finding the request to be consistent with the palmetto Comprehensive Plan and Code of Ordinances, I move to approve CU2012-12, subject to the conditions set forth above as recommended by the Planning and Zoning Board with the waiver of residential parking requirements to conform with the site plan. -- Approved, Unanimous




Change 8th Avenue Drive West from 7th Street to 9th Street from one way traffic to two way traffic.


Open the public hearing.


Close the public hearing after public comment.


Action Request: Motion to approve the traffic regulation changing 8th Avenue Drive West from 7th Street to 8th Street from a one way to a two way and creating a 3 way stop at 8th Avenue Drive and 8th Street and prohibiting parking on the west side of 8th Avenue Drive from 8th Street to 9th Street. -- Approved, Unanimous




First public hearing to designate a portion of the CRA district as a brownfields area, to be called the “Palmetto Economic Enhancement District.”


Close the public hearing after public comment.


Action Request: Motion to schedule a second public hearing for brownfields designation for December 3, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. or as soon thereafter as same can be heard in these chambers.-- Approved, Unanimous



7.  OCTOBER CHECK REGISTER (Informational Only)



8.  BASEBALL FIELD UPDATE -- We will be meeting with Manatee County's staff tomorrow. (Tusing)



9.  ASR WELL UPDATE -- Have been working on redesign of the hardware portion to save money.



10.  5TH STREET STREETSCAPE AND SUTTON PARK PROJECTS UPDATE -- Down to the final itemization and almost complete. 


-- Playground is all but finished.  






12.  MAYOR’S REPORT -- None, absent





-- Charles Smith, Thanks to everyone


--  Tambra Varnadore, (directed to Jim Freeman) Budget book was awesome! 



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