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News Section: National Government

Chinese Drywall Legislation Passes House

“Contaminated Drywall Safety Act” Offers Legal Remedies for Victims

Published Friday, September 21, 2012 12:03 am

BRADENTON – U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan, (R-FL), co-sponsored legislation that passed the U.S. House Wednesday night, which would ban the sale of toxic Chinese drywall and offer relief to thousands of Florida homeowners who've been victims of its use. The Contaminated Drywall Safety Act makes Chinese-manufactured drywall a banned hazardous material under the Consumer Product Safety Act, meaning it cannot be imported into the U.S., and requires the Consumer Product Safety Commission to issue guidelines to ensure that existing drywall is properly disposed of.

The bill, which passed the House and now goes on to the Senate for consideration, also calls on the Secretary of State to demand that Chinese manufacturers comply with any legal decisions and remedies for affected American homeowners.

“Many of my constituents devoted their life savings to buying a house only to find out their home is now uninhabitable because it was built with tainted drywall from China,” Buchanan said. “This legislation holds the Chinese manufacturers accountable and will deliver justice to American homeowners and their families.”

Tainted drywall from China has damaged or destroyed over 100,000 homes across the country, including over 36,000 Florida homes. The state of Florida makes up 56% of the cases reported to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission nationwide.

“The damage to homes and the negative health effects caused by the tainted Chinese drywall, have forced many families to use their limited finances on costly repairs and alternative housing while also having to maintain mortgages on homes that are uninhabitable,” said Buchanan. “In an already poor economy, some homeowners have faced bankruptcy, foreclosure, or both.”

Buchanan is an original cosponsor of the bipartisan bill introduced by Congressmen Scott Rigell, Bobby Scott, Randy Forbes, and Rob Wittman of Virginia. Other original cosponsors include U.S. Reps. Ted Deutch, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Alcee L. Hastings, Mario Diaz-Balart, Corrine Brown, and Bill Posey of Florida.

Buchanan is also a member of the Congressional Chinese Drywall Caucus, which is involved in several efforts to deal with the Chinese drywall crisis. The Congressmen is also Florida’s only member on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, which oversees international trade.

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I am a 100% Disabled Veteran who after being exposed to Agent Orange 40 years ago, purchased a new home in 2007. It has Contaminated United States Gypsum Drywall in it. After living in it for 39 months, and 8 Hospital stays, we finally had enough and moved out. Now I find myself living in a 11' X 17' Tent on my back porch because there are no available homes, condos, apartments, that are free from Contaminated drywall.

How do I know this - it is because my nose is like a blood hound after living so long in my home. I also am allergic to Sulfa Drugs which is in the Sulfur family. There are THOUSANDS of homes, businesses, and even older buildings that have been remodeled since at least the year 2000, that should be suspect to having bad drywall.

My drywall tested having 4 times the limit of Carbon Disulfide, Acetone, other chemicals, and some radiation included in it. I will tell you that the Contaminated American Drywall Issue will make the Chinese Drywall problem look very small. If anyone wants additional info about this problem - call someone who knows the answers. 941-240-5577
Posted by Charles A. Hummer on September 21, 2012

Reading the above comment changes much of what I been led to believe in this Chinese Drywall fiasco. We were first told that it came from a certain region in China and had high levels of strothnium in the mines. But later we find that this same problem was found in American made drywall. As a Remediation contractor I have bid on a house that was built in 2003 with the drywall problem. Apparently this is getting to be a huge problem especially if it is in American made drywall. Please Ms.Mraz google my name or contact me on my website Chinese Drywall!
Posted by Jerry Tetro on September 21, 2012

This Legislation is misleading and flawed in so many instances as to Contaminated Drywall. We are Disabled, we lived in a tent for 7 mths because of Domestically Manufactured Drywall. We have to agree with Mr.Kampf on this . The Consumer Product Safety Commission has failed us miserably and to give them more Power, if you will, is a travesty. Banning Chinese Drywall as a Hazardous Product is absurd. We have a letter, that was apparently used to spark this Legislation without our knowledge until the "Media Event" for it's introduction is for American Made Domestically Produced Drywall. How are we going to be able to tell what is Hazardous from China ? A Gas Spectrometer at the Ports...please. We had a Chemical breakdown of our drywall, it has Cancer Causing chemicals already banned by the EPA...we have Chloroform, etc...does anyone know what it is like to live in a home filled with Chloroform off-gassing ? these chemicals should NOT be in American Made Drywall. The Companies regulate themselves, the drywall is made by FGD process, by-product of Coal power plants and these chemicals are introduced through that process. A Quote from the C.P.S.C. Joanna Matheson in a six-way conference call with them a few mths back...."we are waiting on the A.T.S.M. to put out their new standards and it is a slow process". That tells you that the American Made Drywall is Improperly Manufactured. I have a letter from the State of Florida stating this as well "Mrs.Mraz, your drywall is Improperly Manufactured" , as our Hazardous Material Document and also the fact that our American Made Drywall had to be disposed of through a Special Waste Division, we have the EPC come to our home, so please explain to me why China's Drywall , a blanket ban should be done when we cannot even Govern our own back yard as to our Drywall.We would also like to add as to the "Legal Remedies"....Knauf is settling, the Suppliers are settling, as far as I know and what is posted...Taishan is going to settle, this in an article out earlier...why are we going to ask our Secretary of State to hold China responsible when we "the United States of America" taught them the process of making the drywall...this goes back to the Department of Energy, Mitsubishi, etc...created a particular device for this process and is selling it China. During the Contaminated Drywall Hearing in December 6, 2011 hearing, (where we were mentioned as to living in tents) one of the Senators asked what went wrong in the American Drywall Process, to the Witness that has American Drywall via National Gypsum who is by the way in Appeal....the question was not answered except "we have theories". The only explanation is that the entire American Made Drywall process is flawed, and we taught the Chinese this flawed process, so to somehow blame them now is a little strange. In the C.P.S.C /China Summit last year, the Chinese Representative even told this to a CDW Victim and to everyone listening. They learned it from America. I do feel sorry for the CDW Victims, just as I feel sorry for all American Drywall Victims, but really one should not exclude the other in the flawed Legislation. The American Drywall Victims have a much larger obstacle as to the Courts, via Lobbyists, Coal Power Plants, etc.....the C.P.S.C has deemed Chinese Drywall bad but will not do it for American Drywall Victims and there is absolutely a reason for only has to look to the Stakeholders.
Posted by Julie Mraz on September 21, 2012

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