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News Section: State Government

Candidate Profile: U.S. Representative from Florida: Vern Buchanan

Published Wednesday, September 5, 2012 12:02 am

Candidate: Vern Buchanan (Incumbent)


Party Affiliation: Republican


Age: 61


Hometown: Detroit, Mich.


Residence: Longboat Key


Occupation: Automobile dealer and insurance executive 


Education: B.A. in Business Administration, Cleary University; Master’s in Business Administration, University of Detroit 


As Congressman for Florida’s 13th congressional district, newly reorganized into District 16, Vern Buchanan hopes to continue representing the state while tackling priorities like small business growth, pill mills and his balanced budget bill.


Campaigning against Democrat candidate Keith Fitzgerald, Buchanan also serves the Trade and Health subdivisions of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Ways and Means Committee, where he is the only Florida legislator. Members have authority over tax policy, international trade, health care and the Social Security system.


Buchanan previously participated on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, House Veterans Affairs Committee and House Small Business Committee. Within the Small Business Committee, he additionally became Ranking Member of the Finance and Tax subcommittee.


Other leadership ranks Buchanan has held include chairing the Florida Chamber of Commerce and Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, becoming inducted into the Tampa Bay Business Hall of Fame and being a former member of the U.S. Chamber Board.


A 30-year businessman himself, Buchanan believes tax incentives providing assistance and lessening harmful regulations to entrepreneurs and small businesses are crucial in order to achieve economic growth. He is the chairman of the Friends of Panama Caucus and supports U.S. tax code reform.


Buchanan served in the Air National Guard for six years before attending college and has two sons with his wife Sandy. He is involved with the community through the Boys and Girls Club, Community Foundation of Sarasota County, Walk to Cure Juvenile Diabetes, American Heart Walk, Mote Marine Laboratory and Ringling Museum of Art, among others. Click here to review Congressman Buchanan's voting record on key legislation.


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The Heritage Foundation rates Buchanan's conservative voting record as 58%, a pitiful score when you compare respected conservative James DeMint's score of 98%, and Marco Rubio's score of 95%. It is worth noting that a chimpanzee could be trained to flip a coin to decide how to vote, and it would get a score of 50%. Buchanan only gets 58%!!!!!
Posted by John Robert Howell on October 31, 2012

This web site is designed to expose key documents against US congressman Vern Buchanan of Sarasota Florida, whom is Chair of the republican campaign contribution arm and on the House Ways and Means .

This site is being released to public Monday, there will be two updates before the election. One update will be a taped interview with Lilly Council the wife of former auto dealership partner of Buchanan. Mr. Council was a former top dog for Asbury then went into partnership with Buchanan. In this interview she states her husband was involved in giving back campaign money in cash to many individuals under instruction of Buchanan going back to 2003

user name: Press
Password: Pass

This site has documents exposed that the public and press have never seen.
Posted by duane overholt on September 8, 2012

can someone tell me how senator bennett serve 4 years in the Navy and he had 4 tours in Vietnam..Vietnam Veterans (as myself) should be occured about this....How can you do basic training, AIT(if they still call it that now), leave time, into 4 years..Has anyone ask him about this. He may of done 4 campaigns. Tour & Campaign BIG DIFFERENCE..He been saying 4 toursfor 12 years....??????? Vietnam Vets need to see DD214 !!!!!
Posted by Frank Dougherty on September 6, 2012

He sits on a VERY important committee for our district. That's a lot of influence that we have in Washington that we would lose if he's not re-elected.
Posted by Frederick Gamage on September 5, 2012

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