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News Section: Law Enforcement

MCSO Deputy and Employee of the Month

Published Friday, March 30, 2012 2:00 am

MANATEE COUNTY -- On February 14, 2012, Lisa Montera was investigating a father who had prior incidents with his girlfriendís children, including breaking her 7-year oldís arm last year. The man was under court order to have no contact with the children and a CPS safety plan was being developed.  

Lisa received a case alleging the man was having contact with the children and that they were afraid to be around him. While investigating those allegations, Lisa was made aware that the man was frequently mentally and emotionally abusing the children, including a teenage girl.  

Lisa interviewed the girl and found her to be in a fragile state.  Lisa utilized the mobile crisis unit to assess the child and was able to shelter her and her siblings from the father. Oftentimes, the Child Protection Specialists donít hear from the parents or children after they have intervened but, in this case, Lisa received a letter where the girl referred to her as the girlís hero.

For her diligent work to protect these children, Lisa Montera is awarded Employee of the Month for March 2012.  

On February 16, 2012, Deputy Justin Warren responded to a suicide attempt where the victim had barricaded himself inside his home and opened all the jets on the stove in an effort to flood the residence with natural gas. The man also said that he would ignite the gas if law enforcement responded.  

Deputy Warren and other deputies took positions around the house and after a long period of time the man opened the garage door, but then darted back into the house, pressing the garage door button to close. Deputy Warren took quick action to activate the safety mechanism and the door opened again.The man was armed with a knife and had cut a hole in the wall in order to see.  

Deputy Warren used the same hole to communicate with him, encouraging him to have no fear and that he was there to help.  Deputies were surrounding the residence, armed and ready to take action, but Deputy Warren kept his weapon holstered and continued efforts to build a rapport with the man.  After a long dialogue, the man exited the house and surrendered to deputies.

His skills in interpersonal communications resulted in a calm and rational conclusion to this incident with no one being injured, for which Deputy Justin Warren is awarded Deputy of the Month for March 2012.  

W. B. Steube
Manatee County Sheriff

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