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News Section: Schools and Education

Manatee County School Board Regular Meeting Results Oct. 10, 2011

Published Tuesday, October 11, 2011 2:00 am

BRADENTON – Board members honored Manatee School of the Arts, proclaimed October a young adolescent’s month and principal’s month, reorganized leave of absence policies and moved forward with plans to redraw school board redistricting lines at Monday nights regular meeting.


1. Agenda Amendments - p.7


2. Attendance - p.8


3. Call to Order - p.9

4. Southeast High School Color Guard - p.10

  • The Southeast High School JROTC (Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps) will presented the Colors.


5. Pledge of Allegiance - p.11

6. Invocation - p.12

7. Approval of the Orders of the Day - p.13 (Unanimously approved)


8. Sugg Middle School Cyclone Drum Line - p.14 

  • The drum line at Sugg Middle school marched and played their instruments. The drum line is made up of dedicated 7th and 8th graders who play a wide range of instruments such as:  viola, violin, double bass, trumpet and percussion. 


9. Public Comments - p.15


10. Approval of Minutes - p.16 (Unanimously approved)


11. Manatee School For the Arts Charter School

  • Dr. Verdya Bradley, Associate Director of Innovative Programs and Parental Options recognized Manatee School For the Arts and principal Dr. Bill Jones.
  • Manatee School For the Arts (MSA) was presented the Gold Seal of Excellence Award from the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools. The award cited MSA for its academic, artistic, and administrative excellence.



12. Proclamation for the Month of the Young Adolescent - p.17

  • October is Month of the Young Adolescent, an annual international collaborative effort of education, health, and youth-oriented organizations.  Initiated by National Middle School Association (NMSA), Month of the Young Adolescent brings together a wide range of organizations to focus on the needs of this important age range, age 10 to 15. 


13. Proclamation for October 2011 as National Principals Month - p.19

  • To recognize the essential role that principals play in preparing today’s students for the challenges of tomorrow, National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) and the National Association of Elementary School Principals have declared October 2011 as National Principals Month.
  • Chairman Robert Gause thanked principals for all they do.


14. FOCUS Report - p.20

  • A brief FOCUS implementation update was presented by Mr. Scott Martin, Assistant Superintendent of District Support, and Dr. Tina Barrios, Director of Technonlogy & Information Services.
  • Board member Karen Carpenter said she felt the program had gotten off to a rough start. While it was supposed to be less expensive, the district had to purchase two new processors at $80,000, an expenditure she felt defeated the purpose of the new program.


15. Sales Tax Accountability Committee Report - p.21 (Removed from agenda) 

16. Central Florida School Boards Coalition - p.22

  • Mrs. Harvey will update the Board on the meeting of the Central Florida School Boards Coalition.



17. Public Hearing for Consideration of Adopting Proposed Amendment to Policy 6.3, Definitions of Leaves of Absence - p.23 (Unanimously approved)

  •  The purpose and effect for this amendment is to clarify and set new rules regarding the accrual, use, capping, and payout of vacation leave by twelve (12) month employees.
  • On September 12, 2011, the Board approved advertising the proposed amendment to Policy 6.3, and setting a public hearing.  On September 14, 2011, the advertisement appeared in the 



Approval of Consent Agenda

18. Approval of the October 10, 2011 Consent Agenda - p.24 (Unanimously approved)


Purchase(s) Bids $100,000.00 and Under

19. Approval of Bid for Emergency Generators-Annual Inspection and Preventative Maintenance, MCSD No. 12-00027-MR - p.25

20. Approval of Bid for Fencing Materials and Supplies, MCSD No. 12-0019-MR - p.27


Purchase(s) Bids Over $100,000.00

21. Approval of Purchase of Telephone System Replacement and Repair, MCSD No. 12-0032-SM - p.29

22. Approval of Renewal (2) on Data/Phone Wiring Replacement Projects, MCSD No. 08 0034 SM - p.31


Contracts and Grants

23. Approval of Agreement Between the School Board of Manatee County and 1st Street CafĂ© and Catering, LLC to Provide Programs for On-The-Job Training for Exceptional Education Students for the School Years 2011-2014 - p.33

24. Approval of the Contract Between the School Board of Manatee County and Kagan Professional Development for the 2011 - 2012 School Year - p.35

25. Approval to Renew the Contract Between the School Board of Manatee County and the City of Palmetto School Resource Officers for the 2011-2012 School Year - p.36

26. Approval of the Contract Revision to the Renewed Agreement Between the AVID Center and the School Board of Manatee County for the 2011-2012 School Year

27. Approval to Renew the Contract Between the School Board of Manatee County and the City of Bradenton for School Resource Officers for the 2011-2012 School Year


Construction Services

28. Approval of Manatee High School - Davis Building Replacement - Change Orders 7 and 8 - Agreement Between Owner and Creative Contractors, Inc. - p.37


Human Resources

29. Approval to Accept the Waiver of the Provisions of Article V Section 6c of the Master Contract Between the School Board of Manatee County and the Manatee Education Association (MEA) in regard to Abel Elementary School - p.38

30. Approval to Accept the Waiver of the Provisions of Article V, Section 38 of the Master Contract Between the School Board of Manatee County and the Manatee Education Association in regard to the After School Care Program at Braden River Elementary - p.39

31. Approval to Accept the Waiver of the Provisions of Article V, Section 34 of the Master Contract between the School Board of Manatee County and the Manatee Education Association (MEA) in regard to the 21st Century Program at Moody Elementary School - p.40

32. Approval to Accept the Waiver of the Provisions of Article V, Section 4 of the Master Contract between the Manatee County School Board and the Manatee Education Association (MEA) in regard to Wakeland Elementary School - p.41

33. Approval of the Appointments, Change of Assignments, Deceased, Promotions, Reappointments, Reassignments, Recommendations for Professional Service Contracts, Resignations, Retirements, Terminations and Transfers - p.42




34. Leaves for October 10, 2011 Board Meeting - p.43



35. Administrative Appointments - p.44

NEW BUSINESS (Discussion Items Pulled from Consent)
NEW BUSINESS (Non-Consent Items) 

36. Approval of Budget Amendments for July and August 2011 - p.45 (Unanimously approved)

  • These budget amendments for the months of July and August 2011 are certified correct by the Superintendent and the Finance Department. To see the complete list follow the link to the official documents


37. Acceptance of the Year to Date Financial Statements through August 2011 - p.46 (Unanimously approved)

  • General Fund Expenditures exceed revenues by $9.99 million.  This is the result of normal operational expenditures.  Beginning in December, revenue from local taxes will be received, which will place the district in a positive position where revenues exceed expenditures. Unreserved fund balance at August 31, 2011 is 4,116,387.
  • To see a detailed document with all financial statements follow the link.


38. Approval to Eliminate One Vehicle Mechanic and Add One Assistant Route Specialist - p.48 (Unanimously approved)

  • The Director of Vehicle Maintenance and Transportation has requested to eliminate one unfilled Vehicle Mechanic position from the Vehicle Maintenance Department.  The Director has also requested an additional Assistant Route Specialist to better service our transportation effort.  The addition of this position will enable the District to avoid additional overtime costs.  For the year to date, overtime cost exceeds $16,000.


39. Approval of Manatee Technical Institute - 34th Street Campus - Long Range Plan Project Scope - p.49 (Removed from agenda)


40. Approval of Advertising a Notice of Intent to Adopt Proposed Changes to Policy 2.5, Members of the Board and Residence Requirements, and Setting a Public Hearing on the Proposed Policy at the Board Meeting on November 14, 2011 - p.51 (Unanimously approved)

  • The purpose and effect is to redraw the residence area boundaries so as to have equal population in each area as much as practicable.
  • Section 1001.34, Florida Statutes (2010) requires that each school board member be a resident of the district school board member residence area from which she or he is elected and maintain that residency throughout the term of office. Section 1001.36, Florida Statutes (2010) provides that the school board member residence areas be numbered 1 to 5 and shall be as nearly as practicable equal in population. That section also provides that the school board may make any change that it deems necessary at any meeting provided that changes shall be made only in odd-numbered years and no change will be made that would affect the residence qualifications of any incumbent member during the term for which he or she is elected.
  • Since population growth has made the residence areas unequal in population, it is appropriate for the School Board to redraw the lines so as to make the residence areas equal in population as nearly as practicable. Other factors may be considered, such as the current residence of each incumbent or equalizing the number of schools in each area as much as possible.


41. Grant Motion to File Exceptions Out of Time in the Matter of SBMC vs. Daniels-Youmans, DOAH Case No. 11-1078 - p.52 (Removed from agenda)

42. Approval to Reject Respondent’s Exceptions to the Administrative Law Judge’s Recommended Order, Adopt the Recommended Order Rendered by the Administrative Law Judge, and Enter a Final Order Terminating the Employment of Dareki Daniels-Youmans - p.53 (Removed from agenda)


43. Board Comments - p.55


44. School Board Workflow Items - p.56


45. Comments by John Bowen - p.57


46. Comments by Tim McGonegal - p.58


Adjournment of Meeting

47. Adjournment - p.59

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