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The Robyn Report with Robyn Davis Sean Tampa Bay yacht Management

Previous Columns by Dennis Maley

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Interaction and Understanding are Crucial for Racial Accord

Christie's Timing Might be Key

What Do Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul Have in Common?

Public Should be Wary of School Board's Rush Toward Seven Members


A Father's Failings

Contribution Shell Game Further Undermines Elections

Budget Battles Show Growth Isn't Carrying Its Weight

Superintendent's Contract Sends Wrong Message


At-Large is Not the Way to Go to Fix School Board Dysfunction

Is Curriculum Position a Bargaining Chip in Superintendent Deal?

Bayshore Alumni Remain in the Dark on Cancer Cases

People Power Triumphs in Superintendent Debate

Socialism, Hypocrisy, Idiocy and Bad Math Drive Medicaid Expansion Debate

Manatee County EMS Workers Continue to Get the Shaft

Manatee Schools Has Its Best Superintendent Candidate In-House


Same Old Song and Dance

Legislature Continues to Ignore Chance to Improve State's Custody Laws

Could Webb be a Serious Hillary Alternative?

Pumphrey Report Opens New Can of Worms

Can it be Five Years Already?


Citizens Owed Better Explanation on Absence of School Impact Fees

Marco Rubio and the False Call of Higher Office


School Board Must Earn Public Trust Before Asking Taxpayers for Blank Check

Florida Republicans Begin to Shake Out Deep Roster for Upcoming Races

Our Grandkids Will be Vegans

A Story of Clean Water, Big Sugar, Amendment 1, Hunting Trips, the Everglades and More Development

School Board Wise to Follow Prescribed Process on Audit Findings

Voters Set to Get Swindled on Amendment 1 Funding

Fracking: How Does it Work and What Does it Mean for Our Energy Future?

Bid Tampering Evidence Should Bring FDLE Into School District Bond Investigation


Will Audit Report Finally Provide Answers on School District Bond Money?

PI Plate Run Raises Red Flags

Scott Touts Success and Ignores Challenges in State of the State Address

Someone In Tallahassee Needs to Make a More Vocal Case for Medicaid Expansion

Don't Get Duped on Net Neutrality

Anatomy of a Scandal

Buchanan Better off Not Chasing Senate Seat

Stranger than Fiction

Measles and the Politics of Absurdity

Despite Resistance in Tallahassee, Florida is Top Obamacare State


How Long Can the Cheap Gas Last?


School Board Lowers the Bar ... Again

Cabinet Needs to Turn Up the Heat on FDLE Scandal

Universal Community College?


School Board Three-Ring Circus Continues


Developer's Dock Request Looks Like Two-Step Circumvention of Mangrove Policy



Shift in Cuba Policy Amplifies Puerto Rican Calls for Statehood


School Board Legal Representation Policy Must Consider Worst Case Scenarios


An Early Look at the 2016 Presidential Field: Part 1: Republicans

An Early Look at the 2016 Presidential Field: Part 2: The Democrats

City Residents Need to Keep Close Eye on Riverfront Development

Shop Local to Shake the Black Friday Blues


New School Board has Chance to Further Move District Forward

Lakewood Ranch Residents Get Dose of Development Disinterest

Kicking the Post Election Blues

GOP's Election Day Success Cannot be Explained Away

Deep Thoughts on Tuesday's Local Election Results

All Eyes on SOE in Countywide Races?

Vote, Even if You Have to Hold Your Nose

County Commissioners Need to Find Their Political Courage on Medicaid Expansion

Say a Prayer for the Old Irish Ward Heeler

Your Flag Lapel Pin Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore

Whitmore May Have Stepped on a Landmine in Attack Ads

For Students, Pathway to Success has Many Roads


Dennis Maley

Can a No be Quid Pro Quo?

Should Student Safety be a Law Enforcement or Education Issue?

A Show of Growing Force for Change

You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory


Governor's Race is Looking Like a Real Stinker

Write-in Loophole Continues to Disenfranchise Voters


Voters Won't Have Much of a Say on State Representation in November

BOCC Needs to Look North to Solve Indigent Care Funding

Few Things Seem Less Patriotic Than Corporate Inversion Schemes


School District's Armed Security Debate Smells Like Political Hay


DiSabatino Stands Tall Among Local Republicans


Chair's Call for Port Director Raise Has a Familiar Smell


Ferguson Shines Spotlight on Militarized Police Forces

Worse than Watergate?

You Can't Exclude the Public from Public Meetings

Cantrell Conversations Raise Questions for Administration

Elbow Deep in the Florida Muck ... and Better for It


One-Sided Utility Hearings Offer Preview of Big Picture Strategy

Photo Album: On the Road in Florida

School Sex Scandals Far from Vindicated


Use Tax Code to Solve Employer Health Insurance Battle

School District Politics Make Their Own Case for More Civics Classes

Do At-Large Seats Hurt Voter Representation?

What Democrats Can Learn from the Tea Party

Give the Libraries Their Funding Back


Pops Who Get Props on the Silver Screen

Fund and Fix is the Right Cure for VA

Redistricting Trial Provides Inside Glimpse of Our Crooked Legislature

Red Light Camera Presentation Confirms Public Skepticism


Does the Truth Even Matter Anymore?


Syrian Struggles Continue Against Backdrop of International Stubbornness

The Good Part About Growing Pains


Benghazi Cacciatore with a Side of Yellow Cake

Piney Point Has Earned Public's Apprehension On Injection Well


Sisters Make the Best Mothers

BOCC Finally Has it Right on Health Care: “We Have No Credibility on This Issue”


Middle-Class Americans Second to the Canucks?

Wall Street Landlords Could Pose Threat to Local Economies


Beer Welfare Queens?


Taxpayers Might be Better Served by Public Safety Reorganization

It's Time for More Private Money at Rowing Facility


AMI's Green Village is a Model Worth Emulating

Clemency Plea Raises Valid Moral Question

Supreme Court Ruling is a Huge Blow to Democracy … or What was Left of It

Hobby Lobby Case Could Open Big Can of Worms


Trauma Center Fee Gouging is the Latest Health Care for Profit Scandal



Poisonous Fruit

Not Bad for Starters


A Difficult State for Any State to Endure

School Board Apprehension Rooted in Complicated Past

The Death of Common Courtesy?

Circus of Fools

Easier to Build?

Florida Should Dump School Grade System


Ultimate Accountability Seems Unlikely in School District Financial Woes

Voter Cynicism on Precinct Reduction is Well-Earned

USF's Cybersecurity Initiative is the Right Sort of Thinking in New Economy

Florida Needs Safer Measures to Deal with Aging Drivers


Betting on a Super Sunday

And Now There's This to Worry About …


It Takes a Village, But They Can Move a Mountain

Fake Plastic Campaign Commercials


Iran Sanctions Could Thwart Crucial Opportunity in American Foreign Policy


The Dichotomy of Free Trade and Immigration

What to Make of a Movie?

A Commissioner Who's Earned her Stripes … and a Retraction

A Community FELT Her Presence

The Spectacle Under the Tree

Is Beyoncé's Creative Destruction Shumpeter's Big Moment?

I Wonder How Many of Us Could Get A Waechter Deal

It Costs Taxpayers More When Retailers Don't Pay a Living Wage


Dennis Maley


Ideas Should Win Elections – Not Shenanigans

On This Particular Thanksgiving ...


Underfunded Schools Should Look to Cupcake Culture to Improve Performance

Internet Gambling Could be the Big Issue in 2014


Fair Fix on Health Insurance Plans

A Typhoon and the Elephant in the Room


Reading the Tea Leaves in Tuesday’s Results


School District Continues to be Plagued by Past Misdeeds


Social Security and the Boomer Problem

Hypocrisy in Pleas for Flood Insurance Relief?

Mainstream Media Helps Pad the Greenspan Myth

Shutting Down the Government Piles Up Debt and Erodes Faith in Leadership


Amazing: Congress Finds Time to Stuff Last Second Debt Deal with Pork

A Good Week for Women

As One School Sex Scandal Moves Forward, Another is Revealed

Shutdowns, Debt Ceilings and Defaults: Understanding the Mess We're In


Parties Within Parties: Are We Witnessing the Beginning of the End of Two-Party Rule?

Lincoln's Legacy of Political Lemons


Tuesday's Exchange Launch Marks Biggest Moment for New Health Care Law


Solving the Housing Market Riddle


What’s Happening at the Fed … and Why You Should Care


Twitter's Miss American Exceptionalism


Putin’s Pragmatic Populism


Island Squabbles are More Complicated than Commentary Suggests


How Kerry's Big Mouth May Have Saved the President's Rear End


Truth on 9/11 is Long Overdue


The Incredibly Thin Case for Armed U.S. Intervention in Syria


Lack of Privacy Leads to Self-Imposed Silence

The Gift of a Loving Grandmother

Where’s the Missing Long Bar Fee? Probably with the Missing Work

Manatee High Scandal Should be a Wake-up Call for School Districts and Their Employees


Manatee School District is Building a Foundation for Greatness

SBEP's Absence on Long Bar Pointe Raises Questions


Liberal Silence on Wiretapping is Deafening


Long Bar Pointe: So Now What?


County Commission Needs to be Very Careful on Longbar Pointe


Commissioner's Scandal Could be Leverage in Florida Education Battle


The Doctor and the Bureaucrat


PACs, Facts & Covering Tracks: Lessons from a Special Election

A Bad Time to be Black



Early Release: New Tool or Return of a Bad Idea?


Let Us Alone: Why Florida is the Perfect Place to Celebrate Independence Day


Paula Deen, President Obama and Edward Snowden Walk into a Bar ...


Father's Day and the Divorced Dad


Industry is the Big Loser in Florida’s Rejection of Medicaid Expansion


About That Economic Recovery ...


Stacked Deck in Upcoming Special Referendums


Do Tax Abatement Incentives Live Up to the Promises?

Anger Over School District's Spending Cuts is Justified but Misplaced

A Pope for All People?

Muddling Manatee's Healthcare Sales Tax Issue


Public Charter Conversions Could Become Popular Option


President Obama's Big Brother Problem


If We All Loved Our Mothers


Gatsby's Great Irony


Lipstick on a Pig


Reality and Real Estate



Arkansas Spill Highlights Challenges of Tar Sand Oil

Coverage of Marathon Tragedy Highlights Modern Media Woes

Six Movies That Will Change the Way You Think

Outcome Seems Rigged in the Brawl Over Sprawl

Internet Café Ban Good; 14,000 Lost Jobs Bad

May Can't Get Here Fast Enough


Health Care Sales Tax Would Be Boon for Big Business


The Obama Phone: Fact and Fiction

A Warm Welcome With Frosty Edges

So What’s up with Cyprus?

Let Them Eat Eggs


Liberal Silence on Kill List Policies Stinks of Hypocrisy


Citizens Show Healthy Skepticism on Healthcare Tax


Success in Legislative Session Important to Governor Scott's Reelection Campaign


Is Manatee Schools' Office of Professional Standards Finished?


The Herman Cain Effect

Manatee School Board Made the Tough Choice for Superintendent

Low Wages are the Enemy of a Strong Domestic Economy

Mosaic's Rubber Stamp Still has Plenty of Ink



Attack on FRS Pensions Unfounded and Ideological

Manatee School Board Awaits Date with Destiny

Sports Scandals Reflect Our Culture at Large

Opponents Vexed About Wrong Candidates in President's Nominations

Good Old Boy System Alive and Well in Manatee

"DROP" Retired Employees from the Labor Pool

Florida Fails Its Counties … Again

When it Comes to Gun Laws, Serious Debate is More Complicated

100 Years of Tears and Triumph

Manatee Makes Good Case for Elected County Administrator

Florida is Winning the Race to the Bottom


Family Budget Analogy is Way Off the Mark


Why the Gun Lobby Always Wins

Texting and Driving Law is a No-Brainer

Republicans Diverge on Path Forward

Public Incentives to Businesses Need to be Carefully Considered and Evaluated

Governor's Job Czar Disproves Benefit Moocher Stereotypes

Nuclear Power Deal is a Big Step in the Wrong Direction

School Board Faced With Epic Opportunity



What You Need to Know About the So-Called Fiscal Cliff


What if Florida's Presidential Election Results Had Mattered?

Shoes Too Big to be Filled

Will the Grown-up Republicans Please Take Back Your Party?

A Patriarch's Passing


A Real Look at the Economy

Debates Dumb Down Important Foreign Policy Issues

Both Candidates Avoid Reality on Oil

Florida's Race-based Education Goals Address Problem from Wrong Angle

VP Debate Outshines Presidential

Why Tonight's Vice Presidential Debate Matters


Give the Voters a Chance to Say 'None of the Above'

Newsflash: Our Political System has Failed

The Presidential Debates: Manufacturing Consent

Manatee School Board Taking Small Steps in the Right Direction

Email: The Best Thing to Happen to Propaganda Since Goebbels

Who's Banging on the War Drums and Why?

Wasteful Spending Central to Tax Apathy

Manatee School Board has Rough Road in Earning Citizen Confidence


And Now... the Democrats

Ryan's Lyin'... and No One Seems to Care

Boots on the Ground at the RNC

GOP Hones November Message at RNC

My RNC Wishlist

Reforming Medicare Could Set Up Generational Clash

Why Paul Ryan is the Perfect Pick for Mitt Romney

Money Talks... Integrity Walks


Despite Rhetoric on Jobs Candidates Send Their Own Business Elsewhere

Understanding Citizens United

Another Local Election Filled With Meaningless Campaigning

Bradenton Residents Should be Wary of Return on Big Investments


Budget Hawks Can't Be Two-faced on Defense Spending

So It's Constitutional, Now What?

We're "Throwing the Bums Out" But What are We Getting?

Homeowner Insurance Problems Don't Start With Citizens

When an Iron Horse is Put to Pasture


Voter Purge Brings More Dark Days to the Sunshine State

School District Needs to Prioritize End of "Early Release"

We Already Share Healthcare Costs: Now What?

Electoral Math Could Create Odd Scenarios in Romney vs. Obama


Are School Cafeterias Hindering Classroom Success?

Is Lush Green Grass a Thing of the Past?


Are We Facing a Student Loan Bubble?

When College Becomes a Risky Investment

Florida's Judicial Retention System Flawed by Realities of Modern Politics

Tough Love With Tender Trimmings


Convict Nation

Afghanistan: Coming to Terms with the Quagmire

The Art of Rhetoric

A Sinister Hidden Agenda for Standardized Tests?

Up the Ticket Races Feature Big-money Favorites

Let's Stop Redistributing Wealth and Enact Sound Fiscal Policy

Local Elections Will Again be Driven by Development Dollars

Engineered Postal Crisis at Root of Local Closing

Work Farm Scandal Hints at Two Sets of Rules


Ron Paul Can't Be President – And It's Your Fault

GSA Embarrassment Emblematic of our Current Culture


Romney Continues to Trip Over Blades of Grass as he Limps to the Finish Line

There's a Difference Between Castle Doctrine and What Happened in Sanford

Sanford Tragedy Highlights New Problems with Stand Your Ground Law

Editorial: Voter Suppression Laws are a Disgrace to Democracy


Moral Decline or Uncomfortable Progress?


Pleas for School Board Unity Miss the Point


We're Drilling More Oil So Why Are Gas Prices Rising?


Siesta Key Tragedy Reignites Alcohol on the Beach Debate


Rick Santorum's War on Sex

Crashing the Party

And They Still Need to Choose a VP Candidate

Superdelegates, Super PACs and a Super Mess: Understanding the Primary Process

Prison Privatization is Crony Capitalism 101

Iran: What if...


Listen Closely Children and You'll Hear the Drums of War


Dear Feds: Leave the Web Alone

Expanding Phosphate Mining... Seriously?

In Defense of Topless Bars... and Women


2012: We've Got Some Problems

2012: Wake up or Else


The Fine Line Between Privacy and Pornography


Hardee County Debacle Highlights Massive Potential for Fleecing the Taxpayer

My Christmas Wish: Spare the "Holiday Tree" Chain Emails

Citizens Review Panel is too Valuable to Lose


Gingrich's Brilliant Final Sprint


Battered GOP Field Only Helps a Surging Ron Paul

To Pray or Not to Pray


Tallahassee: Big Fixes or More of the Same?


Welcome to the Police State


Term Limits are Not a Silver Bullet Solution

Members of Congress are Getting Richer – Why Aren't You?

Port Director Contract Makes Poor Case for Small Government

Who is Grover Norquist and Why is the GOP So Afraid of Him?

Boots on the Ground at Zuccotti Park

Remembering the Forgotten Veterans All Around Us 

Candidate Debate on Tax Policy Ignores Reality


Competitive With Whom?


The European Banking Crisis in Lehman Terms


Disbanding School District's Budget Committee Sends the Wrong Message


Rubio's Bio: Much Ado About Stuff We Already Knew?

Anwar al-Awlaki's Case Should Raise Red Flags with Americans


Race and Redistricting: Getting Past our Past


White House Blunders in Green Energy Carry Deep Implications


Who's Invited to the Tea Party?


There's Something Happening Here...


Do Members of Congress Really Get a Full Pay Pension After Just One Term?


When it Comes to Investments, Why Can't We Be as Shrewd as Our Congressman?


Will the U.S. Banking System Ever Work Again?


Get Skin in the Game, Broaden the Base and Let Them Eat Cake


Why Too Much Inequality is Bad for Everyone

President Obama Hanging His Hat on the Economy

Jobs Bill Takes a Pragmatic Approach that is Deeply Flawed

Will the Real Rick Perry Please Stand Up
Searching for Superheroes

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised... or Printed... or Mentioned on the Radio
Reducing Suicide Among Veterans Requires Shared Vigilance


Rubio's Comments Are Anything But Patriotic and Stink of Hypocrisy


A Deeper Look Into S&P Reveals Troubling Conflicts

Romney, Bachman, Paul and Perry Begin to Shape Republican Field


Why You Shouldn't Fear China


By Whose Standard, and Why Poor?


We Averted the Debt Ceiling Disaster, Why is the Economy Still Falling?


AG Firings Draw Broader Criticism, Calls Ring Out for Federal Inquiry

Lakewood Ranch Incorporation Argument Seems Just as Thin in 2011

Robinson Farms Density Issue Back Under a Cloud Despite Ruling

AG Firings Need to be Investigated


This Place is Going to the Dogs – Literally!

The Budget Talks: Atlas Would Have Shrugged

If Huntsman is too Moderate, the GOP may be in Trouble

Is Selling Off America's Infrastructure Something to Worry About?



Despite Rhetoric, America Still “Makes Things” – Lots of Them

As Budget Cuts Loom, Focus Shifts to School District's Administrative Salaries

A Father's Day Message: Lessons From My Son


Oil: How Much is Left and What it Means to the American Way of Life

Is It Time to Give Summer Break a Permanent Vacation?

Charlie Crist vs. Rick Scott in 2014?


City Council Must be Cautious in Developing Final Portion of the Sandpile


Ironically, Fair Districts Act Could Aid Bennett's Congressional Run

House Defense Bill Finally Addresses the Rape Epidemic in U.S. Military

A Conversation with Jim Brown

What was the Gold Standard and What Does Being off of it Mean to the U.S. Economy?

A Great Season for Grapes... of Wrath

Impact of Campaign Cash on Florida Prison Privatization Questioned


Osama Bin Laden: With Distance Comes Perspective

Where is the Focus on Jobs We Were Promised?

Sheriff's Budget Request: Can We afford to, Can We afford not to?

New and Improved Manatee County Commission with DiSabatino and Gallen


Missed Opportunities In Newtown Shootings Should Come With Pink Slips and Resignations


How to Make Florida's Legislature More Representative: Step One – Pay Them More!


Congressman Buchanan Steps up to Fight Pill Mills


Pink Palace Deal Looks Like Another Government Handout


E-Verify Seems Like a Logical Compromise Point for Florida Immigration Reform


Drug Testing State Employees is a Big-Government Boondoggle


For Governor Scott, Selling Solantic may be the Most Brilliant Move of All


With Tax Deadline Looming, I'll take the G.E. Deal


Want Cheaper Gas Prices? Forget Domestic Drilling, Regulate Speculation on Oil


Editorial: No Benefit to Further Politicizing Florida's Judicial Branch


Florida Merit Pay Battle Might Spark Needed Debate on Educational System


Florida Legislature Gearing up for Giveaways to Home Insurers


Editorial: Identifying with Being an American


A Candidate-less Primary: Where are the 2012 Presidential Hopefuls Hiding?


Editorial: Defense Spending Must be on the Table if We Truly Seek to Tackle Deficit


Tampa/Orlando Bullet Train: Bad Idea – Turning Away Billions in Federal Funds and 20,000 Jobs: Worse Idea


Ron Paul and the Moment of Truth for the Tea Party


Are You Smarter Than a First Grader? Not if You're Buying Bottled Water


The Great Big, Fat Lie About Social Security


Lexapro Land: The Questionable Science and Obscene Profitability of Antidepressants


Impact Fee Debate Shows Backward Thinking on Growth Objectives


Health Care: Stop Arguing About Repeal and Focus on Enacting the Right Reforms


Is "Engaging" China Really a Choice?


Rhetoric is not Responsible, but it is Certainly Irresponsible


Florida Parties are Justified in Desire for Early Presidential Primary


Editorial: School District Must Adjust to Economic Realities

Scott's Appointment for DEP Chief Sends Pro-Industry Message


Editorial: Palmetto CRA Demonstrates Perils of Big Money in Small Government


Net Neutrality Regulations Govern Service Providers Not the Web


Editorial: Are Tax Credits on Mortgage Interest and Children Good Policy?


Rick Scott’s School Voucher Plan Threatens the Viability of Public Education

The Ghost of Presidents Past – Clinton’s Unexpected Sub for Obama is Telling


A Wiki Wacky World With No Secrets


Editorial: Support our Troops Means More than a Ribbon on the Car

If You Think the Fight for Fair Districts in Florida is Over, Think Again



EDITORIAL: If this was a Message Election, What Exactly is the Message?


What Rick Scott's Victory Means for Florida


U.S. Senate Race: Meek, Rubio and Crist Give Voters Three Viable Choices (of Three Questionable Candidates)


Editorial: Amendment 1 Would be a Big Step Backward in Campaign Finance Reform


Gwen Brown Continues to Validate Voters' Choice to Send her Packing

VIDEO: What do Amendment 4 and the Other Proposed Florida Ballot Amendments Mean for Voters

Editorial: Amendment 4 Gives Taxpayers the Final Say


Manatee Sunshine Law Investigation Shines Light on "Open" Government


Florida Amendments 5 & 6 are a Powerful Dose of What's Needed


How Bad is the Economy? Numbers Don’t Lie


Don't Ask, Don't Tell and Don't Have Intelligent Debate


Would I Want My Family to See it on Youtube is a Good Guiding Principle


Editorial: Socialism is More than Big Government


Editorial: When Wall Street Made Both Dollars and Sense


Katrina – Five Years After: What Have We Fixed?


Katrina – Five Years After: Making it Right


Katrina – Five Years After: Will the Levees Hold?


Editorial: Will the Newly Approved Tampa to Orlando High-Speed Rail be a Boon or a Bust?


Editorial: Gulf Oil Spill Should Inspire Real Leadership on Alternative Energy


Editorial: Electronic Newspapers are a Greener Way to Communicate an Independent Message


Editorial: "Old Florida" is Worth Fighting for


Special Feature: Inside the Manatee County Jail


Editorial: Flood of Amendment Referendums Suggests a Failure in Government


Editorial: Florida’s Prescription Drug Loopholes Are an Unacceptable Failure


Mosaic Closing Exposes Flaw in the System


Editorial: Local Elections Have Daily Impact


Editorial: Don't Discount the Weight of Primaries


The Nostalgic Argument for Café on the Beach is a Loser, but it’s Not the Only Argument to Make


A Final Farewell to Tommy Vayias and Cafe on the Beach


Editorial: Let the People Decide the Future of Offshore Drilling


Editorial: Sunday Alcohol Bans are Ineffective and Outdated


Editorial: White House Discouragement of Primaries Enforces Voter Frustration


Editorial: A Tax Cut is a Tax Cut, a Tax Hike is a Tax Hike

Manatee Rural Health Certificate


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